WP7 - Dissemination and Exploitation


UCL (Prof Kailash Bhatia)

Other participants

AUSL-ISNB (Prof Claudio Franceschi),
UCL (Prof Kevin Mills),
PG (Prof Massimo Delledonne),
UCAM (Prof Pietro Liò),
CIRMMP (Prof Claudio Luchinat),
SAS (Prof Pablo Mir),
UMG-GOE (Prof Brit Mollenhauer, Prof Claudia Trenkwalder),
KI (Prof Nancy Pedersen, Prof Stephen Strom),
UNIBO (Dr Paolo Garagnani)

WP7 covers all actions of communication, dissemination and exploitation, which are crucial to guarantee the achievement of the relevant impacts and results of the PROPAG-AGEING project. This goal will be achieved through the creation and maintenance of the PROPAG-AGEING Website, the publication of scientific papers, Workshops & Conferences, the identification of exploitable results and knowledge management and the plan for use and disseminate foreground.