WP5 - Functional validation of the PROPAG-AGEING theory of PD aetiology


KI (Prof Stephen Strom)

Other participants

AUSL-ISNB (Prof Claudio Franceschi),
UCL (Prof Kailash Bhatia),
UCAM (Prof Pietro Liò),
CIRMMP (Prof Claudio Luchinat),
SAS (Prof Pablo Mir),
UMG-GOE (Prof Brit Mollenhauer, Prof Claudia Trenkwalder),
UNIBO (Dr Paolo Garagnani)

WP5 is aimed to provide a functional validation of the propagating nature of neuronal ageing and PD neuro-degeneration. To this end, dopaminergic neurons will be generated from skin fibroblasts derived from sporadic, genetic and de-novo PD patients, centenarians and centenarian’s offspring. The obtained differentiated neurons will be challenged by a variety of stressors, including inflammatory cytokines, oxidative stress and toxicants.