WP4 - Validation of omic results


SAS (Prof Pablo Mir)

Other participants

AUSL-ISNB (Prof Claudio Franceschi),
UCL (Prof Kailash Bhatia, Prof Kevin Mills),
UCAM (Prof Pietro Liò),
CIRMMP (Prof Claudio Luchinat),
UMG-GOE (Prof Brit Mollenhauer, Prof Claudia Trenkwalder),
KI (Prof Nancy Pedersen),
UNIBO (Dr Paolo Garagnani)

WP4 is aimed to validate the major results obtained in WP2 and WP3 in order to identify those biomarkers that are of clinical relevance. This validation phase will be carried out on the large cohorts available in PROPAG-AGEING project and on a newly recruited cohort of siblings of PD patients.