WP3 - New omics studies and integration with existing omic data


CIRMMP (Prof Claudio Luchinat)   

Other participants

AUSL-ISNB (Prof Claudio Franceschi),
UCL (Prof Kevin Mills),
PG (Prof Massimo Delledonne),
UCAM (Prof Pietro Liò),
SAS (Prof Pablo Mir),
KI (Prof Nancy Pedersen),
UNIBO (Dr Paolo Garagnani)

The aim of WP3 is to identify major pathways and specific combinations of molecular markers characteristic of PD, by comparing data from PD patients with those existing on centenarians and their offspring, assumed as a model of healthy ageing.
The activities of WP3 include the deep characterization of informative available samples (de novo PD patients and age-matched controls, twins discordant for PD and twins longitudinally followed for 35 years) with a set of comprehensive and integrated -omic analysis (genetics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics/communicome, metabolomics, glycomics and metagenomics). The obtained data will be integrated with those already existing and will be organized in a flexible collaboration framework, resulting in the “PROPAG-AGEING –OMICS Database”