WP1 - Management and coordination


AUSL-ISNB (Prof Claudio Franceschi)

Other participants

UCL (Prof Kailash Bhatia, Prof Kevin Mills),
PG (Prof Massimo Delledonne),
UCAM (Prof Pietro Liò),
CIRMMP (Prof Claudio Luchinat),
SAS (Prof Pablo Mir),
UMG-GOE (Prof Brit Mollenhauer, Prof Claudia Trenkwalder),
KI (Prof Nancy Pedersen, Prof Stephen Strom),
UNIBO (Dr Paolo Garagnani)

Overall, WP1 activities are aimed to coordinate and supervise activities to be carried out, to monitor the progression of the project by evaluating the deliverables quality and timing, to carry out the overall administrative and financial management of the project, to manage the contracts with the European Commission and within the Consortium, to establish effective internal and external communication/ dissemination procedures, to manage communication with the Commission and to oversee all ethical aspects and related contractual requirements.