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University of Cambridge The University of Cambridge is consistently ranked among the foremost universities in the world. Work will be carried out in the Computer Laboratory. The Computer Laboratory is the University of Cambridge's Computer Science Department. The Computer Laboratory was founded in 1937 with pioneering works in building complete computers (the EDSAC was commissioned in 1949 and the EDSAC 2 in 1958). The grade point average for the Computer Laboratory's submission to the latest UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) was the highest of all submissions to Computer Science and Informatics. Moreover, along with the Department of Engineering and the Department of Material Science and Metallurgy, it attained the highest grade point average among departments in Cambridge. Former members of the department have introduced in Computer Science the ASCII code, the concept of subroutine, the pi calculus and several programming languages such as C++.

Pietro Liò

Pietro Liò



Pietro Lió is a Reader in Computational Biology in the Department of Computer Science of the University. He holds a PhD in Complex Systems and Non Linear Dynamics (University of Firenze, Italy) and a PhD in Genetics (University of Pavia, Italy). His research interests are in Systems Biology and Systems medicine.






Prof. Pietro Liò
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
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