Personal Genomics s.r.l. (PG)

Personal GenomicsPG is a Spin-Off of the Universities of Verona and Bologna. PG goal is to provide the market with products, services and solutions with highly innovative technology in the biotechnology field. Working within the Centre of Functional Genomics, University of Verona, PG has access to the two fundamental resources to achieve this goal: the most advanced technology and exceptional skills and experience of researchers. PG provides a series of cutting-edge products and services in the field of genetics, including specific kits that analyse individual risk of developing particular human diseases.

Massimo Delledonne

Massimo Delledonne



Massimo Delledonne is full Professor of Genetics. He is the Director of the Center of Functional Genomics of University of Verona, member of the International Cancer Genome Consortium and Scientific Director of Personal Genomics. He has a world-wide recognized expertise in the use of new technologies for DNA sequencing and in the interpretation of the human genome applied to the clinic.






Prof. Massimo Delledonne
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